Top 3 Guide to Selecting Random Packing

1.The Conventional Random Packing
Random Packing is generally not affected by the ovality of the tower. In order to facilitate the Random of the packing into the tower, the general can be placed directly random pile. The recommended error of conventional random packing column can be checked. Generally designed according to the standard, the manufacture and parameters of the packing are provided by the manufacturer. Sometimes the purchased random packing needs to be treated before use.
2.The Metal Packing
Note that if it is a new metal packing, the surface will sometimes have a thin oil layer, this oil layer may be the metal in the manufacturing process of oil lubrication and formed; It may also be antirust oil added to prevent corrosion of carbon steel packing during transportation and storage. The existence of this layer of oil is not allowed for certain things, such as air separation system, oil layer washed down and co-existence with liquid oxygen, can cause explosion. For aqueous solution, this layer of oil can hinder the formation of the liquid film, for some alkaline substances can also cause solution foaming, it should be clear the physical properties of the oil, before the start of the removal of it. In order to facilitate the removal of oil layers, the use of water-soluble lubricant filler manufacturing is better. Carbon steel packing should be stored in dry closed place, should not be ahead of time to remove oil, to prevent corrosion.
3.The Ceramic Random Packing
It is also important to note that the ceramic random packing may be broken during transport, large pieces of broken packing can still be used, its flux decreases, pressure drop increases, but the separation efficiency does not decrease. New and refilled ceramic Random Packing should screen out the debris, sometimes by hand, sometimes by other means of rapid screening.


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